Below are few things you would like to consider?

  • Make the curb appeal of home more attractive by working on the landscape and planting a few attractive plants at the entrance. Simply mowing the grass, cleaning up the debris and sweeping the sidewalk will make a huge difference in the sale value of your property.
  • Get chipped windows repaired and have them repainted, if possible. At the time of showing, the draperies must be in perfect working condition so that they can be opened to allow light into the house.
  • Doorbell must be in working condition.
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, floors, walls and ceilings must be spotless before buyers’ visit.
  • The overall feel of the house should be open and clutter free.
  • Basic appliances, fixtures and faucets should be working.
  • No bad smell should be there when a buyer visits your house.
  • Investing in a couple of flower vases around the house will bring in good returns in terms of higher prices.
  • Selling the house can be tedious task for those who are not prepared. However, you can make the task easier by taking the above mentioned steps.
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